Rodent/small wildlife exclusion

Rodent and Small Wildlife Exclusion

Rat, Rodent, and Other Small Wildlife Exclusion

Rats, other rodents and small wildlife are common pests that make their way into houses. And why wouldn’t they? Homes are warm, and they aren’t subject to rain. It’s often easy to find food and water. Soft things to make into a nest? Plentiful.

Rats are especially problematic. In addition to being able to enter a hole the size of a quarter, they are quite intelligent creatures. Somehow, they always seem to know when food is laced with poison, and they can steal the bait out of every trap without getting caught. Rats, mice, and other rodents can be quite destructive; chewing insulation and wires, chewing wood, eating through cardboard and getting into food containers, eating houseplants, eating insulation, and more.

Rodent Exclusion

Despite their best efforts, homeowners often find rats and mice challenging to catch and/or kill. If they do succeed in either, ridding themselves of this pest presents additional problems. Once caught, where to you let the creature go? Too close to the home, they will find their way back in. If dead, well who wants to deal with a dead rat? Besides, frequently have fleas that can transmit a wide variety of illnesses. Rat droppings present additional health risks.

How do you get rid of a rat?

Rats and other small rodents are usually trapped to avoid poison being left where small children and pets can be exposed. Once caught, dead animals need to be disposed of properly to prevent further contamination and flea infestations and related illnesses. Sealing the home against additional rodents is also necessary to avoid any rats, rodents, or small wildlife from entering. Finding every hole big enough for one of these pests to enter your dwelling is a challenging task for all but the most experienced of pest control providers.

Replacing Insulation

Once you have had these unwelcome guests in your home, there are additional steps that need to be taken. Bug You Not Pest Control sanitizes the infested area to kill the airborne pheromones and trap any droppings, urine or other waste left behind. Insulation has often suffered from the infestation. Bug You Not Pest Control removes insulation soiled by rodents, thoroughly sanitizes the area, and re-insulates.

Other Small Wildlife Exclusion

In addition to rats, mice and other rodents, sometimes other small wildlife, such as squirrels and skunks, will find their way into your home. Bug You Not Pest Control can help you catch and exclude these, as well.


Bug You Not Pest Control Experts are licensed and experienced pest control experts. If you have any of these unwanted houseguests, call us to remove them, today!