Organic pest control

Organic pest control

Safe and Effective Organic Pest Control for Your Home and Yard

More and more, people are concerned with the impact of pesticides on our family, pets, and home. Organic pest control can be the answer.

We want our families and pets to be safe from pesticides. Additionally, we want to protect our planet and make it safe for our children and grandchildren.

At Bug You Not Pest, we share those concerns. We use all organic products to protect you, your home, your children and grandchildren, and your pets from harmful pesticides. Our products are all organic, non-toxic, and safe for kids and pets.

We know sometimes there is a reluctance to use “green” products as some are less than capable of eradicating your pests. However, we guarantee all our pest control services to truly rid you of the pest that is invading your space. We use only the best organic pesticides on the market. Or, if more appropriate, we use traps or other methods that reduce environmental impact. And we return, as needed, to ensure a pest-free environment. At Bug You Not Pest, we care for the environment as much as you do!

Pest Control – Do you have pests?

As homeowners, we like to believe our home is secure. We have locks on our windows, deadbolts on our doors. Maybe we even have other security measures in place. Unfortunately, however, none of these measures keep pests from entering our homes. These pesky critters can cause a variety of problems from health issues to structural damage. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for the insect or animal to be making its home where it has. Once upon a time, roaches, rats, bedbugs, and other pests were thought to be a problem only for those who had dirty houses. Now, we know better. Even the cleanest of homes can fall victim to pests.

What types of Pests Do You Control?

Our experts in pest control can help you eliminate all types of pests from your home and yard, including:

If you have pests, we have solutions!


Our expert exterminators can rid you of termites safely and effectively. Our free annual inspection will detect any problems before termites have caused structural damage to your home. We offer spot treatments, barrier treatments, and bait. Whether you need an inspection or have found a severe infestation, our termite control techniques provide safe and effective relief to your home. For more information, click here.

Bees and Wasps

Bees are of particular concern. Not only do they sting and cause immediate pain, but some are allergic to bees and wasps and don’t even know it. Our experts in pest control know how to get rid of bees, wasps, and extract their hives safely and effectively. For more information, click here.


Mosquitoes are more active during the summer, especially in the morning and evening. These pests can not only ruin your summer barbecue but can carry mosquito-borne illnesses. Our experts can safely protect your yard and garden in the mosquito season. For more information, click here.


Once nearly eradicated in the United States, bedbugs have made a resurgence since the 1990s. While their bite is painless at first, soon you are covered in red, itchy welts. These bugs are nearly impossible to eradicate from your home. Home remedies are mostly ineffective. The EPA recommends using an expert exterminator to get rid of these bugs. Our expert exterminators can get rid your home of bedbugs. For more information, click here.

Rodents and Other Small Wildlife

Rats, rodents and other small wildlife have a way of sneaking into your home and taking it over. These pests can be extremely intelligent and resist all efforts to catch them. Even providing the tastiest of treats, many homeowners have failed to entice rats and mice into traps. Poison? They seem to know what not to eat. And who wants to deal with removing a dead rat? Our experts can help you catch and remove that rat, clean and sanitize destroyed insulation and prevent them from reentering your home. For more information, click here.

All Other Pests

No matter what bug, insect, or animal is invading your home, we have the experts to help. Roaches, fire ants, spiders, earwigs, and any other creepy crawlers, call us first. We are licensed experienced professionals that guarantee results!

Safe, Effective, Affordable Pest Control, Guaranteed Results

Our owner, Jamerson, has over 17 years of experience in the industry, having started in the family business when he was a child.  His energy, youth, and passion for controlling pests help you be sure you are in the best hands.  He has taken a big business model and adapted it to meet your needs best.  We guarantee you the best prices with the best guarantees.  If we can’t get rid of your pests, you will get your money back. So remember, if they call you, call and bug us.

We offer one-time, monthly, and quarterly service. To see our current specials, click here.

For Expert Pest Control Using All Organic Products, Call Bug You Not Pest Today!

Organic pest control

Organic pest control