Mosquito Misting Service

Mosquito Misting Service

Mosquito Service For Your Yard

As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, mosquitos become more active. 85 separate species of mosquitos call Texas their home. The most common genus of mosquitos in Texas is the Aedes. Several subtypes exist, but all cause one main problem. They bite. They leave little welts. They make you itch. Many carry one of several mosquito borne-illnesses such as West-Nile Fever and the Zika Virus.

Summer is the time to be outdoors, enjoying your yard. Mosquitos can make that time spent outdoors less pleasant. While you can take some protective measures such as ensuring you have no stagnant water on your property where mosquitos can breed, using citronella and other candles, wearing long sleeves and pants, to fully enjoy your oasis, mosquito misting is one of the best tools in your arsenal to minimize mosquito related problems.

Mosquito Misting

Using a well-qualified, experienced, and licensed professional should be your first choice to mist your yard. Both home systems and inexperienced professionals can decrease the safety and the efficacy of your mosquito control. Overspray can result in a waste of product.

Our Mosquito Misting Service uses organic products that are safe and effective

Additionally, there are several types of products in use. We at Bug You Not Pest Control ensure we use the safest products. Once the spraying has completed and dried, our products are safe for you and both your kids and your pets.

Bug You Not Pest Control has years of control in ensuring the safe use of these mists without waste while maximizing effectiveness.

Enjoy your backyard this summer. Get the best mosquito misting service in both Texas and Louisiana. Call Bug You Not Pest Control for mosquito misting today. We service both Texas and Louisiana. We provide a monthly knockdown service that will help you regain control of your yard. Check our current specials here.