Ants—Are they Harmful to Health and Home? Debunking the Myths

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Ants are a common pest in the home. Many a homeowner has opened food items in their home to find an infestation of ants. But, beyond the ick factor, is there any reason to worry?

Ants—Are they harmful to health and habitat?

Do a search on “do ants cause disease” and you will easily find a dozen or so exterminators warning of possible ill health effects that ants can cause. You will see a lot of, “in theory” and “ants carry germs and pathogens.” But do they really cause disease? How about damage to you home?

Do ants cause disease?

While ants do indeed carry bacteria and other pathogens, they have not been shown to transmit disease to humans. This does not, however, mean they have no ill effects. Fire ants do sting and bite. For most people, this translates into an uncomfortable little red welt. However, for those who are allergic, anaphylaxis can ensue. The bright side? Fire ants, while they do not transmit disease to humans, they do nicely control rodent and tick populations. However, unless your home is overridden by rats, there is little chance you want them swarming about your home.

Can ants destroy my home?

Ants can be a destructive force in nature and in your home. Anyone who has owned an ant farm has watched as ants carry dirt from one area to another, and ants can move a lot of dirt. Ant can move objects 3 times their size. Ants are social creatures and cooperate nicely to accomplish great feats. Enough ants and you can find bulges in your patio. Imagine what the shifting of dirt can do to your foundation. And, this is not the only way ants can damage your home. For more information, read on……

Can carpenter ants destroy my home?

Often confused with termites and vice versa, carpenter ants, like the name suggests, do eat wood. While not as destructive as termites, left to their own devices, these ants can cause significant damage to the wood in your home. If you see signs of carpenter ants or termites, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Short of finding a professional entomologist, your trained and licensed exterminator is the best person to make that determination.

Conclusion—Ants are not your friend.

While there is little chance your health will be harmed by ants, you still need to protect your home from damage with pest control. Keeping your home clean can help, but ants are attracted to homes for other reasons as well. Besides damage, who wants the ick factor permeating their home. Call Bug You Not pest Control at 972-835-4296 today for organic pest control for your home or business to keep these pesky pests at bay.

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