Cooler Weather is Coming—What You Need to Know about Winter Pest Control

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While cooler weather does keep down the proliferation of pests, it can also drive many pests indoors. Some pests do not decrease in population during the winter, and others prefer the warmer weather inside your home, as well as the readily available food and water sources. Some pests don’t care if it is winter or summer, they like your home.

Which Pests Are Commonly Found Inside Texas Homes in Winter?


Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be found inside the home all year round; however, they are more likely to enter your house in the winter. They can be cozy and warm and have an abundant supply of food and water. They can even find plenty of material to make a lovely nest for increased comfort. Rats and mice can cause a fantastic amount of damage, and since they can carry a multitude of diseases, hiring a pest control company is best for removing these pests and sealing your home against future entry.


While cockroaches are active at any season, they actually increase their numbers in winter. And no matter what season, they prefer the temperature-controlled climate of your home. While they tend not to be seen during the day, turn on the lights late at night, and you will see them scurrying to hide under your cabinets. Many people mistakenly believe only dirty homes get cockroaches. While cleaning away food and doing dishes promptly helps decrease your risk of cockroaches, many a clean home has these pests, as well. While cockroaches do not directly cause disease such as ticks and fleas can, their dirty habits can cause diseases you believed were only caused by food, such as E.Coli and Salmonella amongst others. Additionally, these bugs can cause an increase in asthma symptoms. Definitely a good reason to have a professional provide routine pest control.


Contrary to popular belief, termites are not solely a hot weather pest. termites often swarm in the fall and reproduce in homes until February. This pest causes more than $5 billion in property damage each year. Subterranean and Formosan termites, both common in Texas, are especially aggressive and can cause your wallet to become lighter by many thousands of dollars. Termite inspection, anyone?

Small wildlife

Just as you prefer to be protected from the elements, so do the local fauna. Luckily, most homes do not provide easy access. That being said, these are clever pests, and they do occasionally gain entry or live under your home. Calling a pest control expert for routine pest control can reduce this risk by ensuring no easy access exists. And, if one does enter, they can remove these critters safely.


Spiders increase in homes during the winter. In part, their increase in numbers can be attributed to their food supply, aka other pests that move into your home during the weather for better temperatures. While many spiders are harmless, others, such as black widows and brown recluses can cause be dangerous. Calling a pest control specialist can help exterminate these pests safely.

Conclusion–Pest Control In Texas is a Year-Round Proposition

While summer is prime pest season, your home is an attractive shelter for pests in winter, as well. While some pests do hibernate in cooler months, many more make their way into your home for accommodations. In Texas, our milder climate means fewer pests go into hibernation. But they still enjoy making your home their safe haven from the rain and other elements. Having year-round routine pest control is essential for keeping your home bug and critter-free. To ensure the sanctity of your home year-round, call Bug You Not pest Control at 972-835-4296 for routine pest control services, today! And, don’t forget that free termite inspection, too.

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