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Each year, rats and rodents cause an estimated nineteen billion dollars’ worth of damage in urban areas alone to homes and small businesses in the United States. In addition to the apparent damage caused by rodents, an estimated 25% of all fires listed as “unknown cause” may be due to damage to electrical wires by rats. Keeping rodents out of your home, obviously, is critical to preventing this damage. Additionally, rats can cause damage to your roof that is essential to identify promptly to avoid costly roof leaks.

How Do I Prevent Roof Rats from Damaging my Home?

In Texas, roof rats are a common pest. Keeping them out of your attic is essential to prevent the damage they can cause to your home. Since rats can enter your house into holes that are no bigger than the size of a quarter, ensuring that any small gaps that exist in your roof or attic ventilation is critical to keeping these pests at bay.

How do I ensure that my roof keeps rats out?

Ensuring that your roof does not become an entry point for rats and other small rodents are two-fold. Maintaining your roof is crucial to keeping pests out of your home. Essential maintenance for your roof includes keeping trees trimmed away so that leaves and other debris do not fall on your roof, ensuring gutters are cleaned regularly to keep them draining well, and having a well-qualified roofer to inspect your roof annually and after each significant hailstorm that could damage your roof. Repairing all damage keeps small holes from becoming a welcome mat for these pests. Sometimes, replacing your roof may be necessary if your roof has outlived its usefulness.


Preventing damage to your home from rats includes maintaining your roof. If you find that you have rats in your attic, after Bug You Not pest Control eliminates these pests, a call to a well-qualified roofer is in order.

Guest Post by Becker Roofing and Exteriors.

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