4 Reasons to Use a Professional When Termite Control is Needed

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July 17, 2019
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Why should termite control be left to the professionals?

Many people, once they spot a termite or signs of termite damage turn to the internet to find out about termite treatments. Not surprisingly, these same people often find dozens, if not hundreds of sites on do-it-yourself termite control. For many reasons, this is one job best left to the professionals.

1.     Not all termites respond to the same treatment

There are 45 species of termites common to the United States which are divided into three main types. Differentiating which kind of termite you have is not something most homeowners can do with a high degree of accuracy. Expert pest control technicians are trained to spot the differences between the different types and select the termiticide that will be most effective for that type of termite.

2.     Do-it-yourself termite treatments are not as effective

Professional-grade products are stronger than home versions. On top of that, the experts know exactly how much to apply and where it will be most effective. The result? Better control will save you thousands in the long run. termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages in short order. Getting effective control is essential to protecting your home from structural damage.

3.     Do-it-yourself termite treatments can be hazardous to your health

termite control experts are well-versed in the potential safety concerns. Even organic products can be toxic to you, your family, and your pets if misused. The proper termiticide requires careful application in the correct amounts, and in the right places to keep your family from harm.

4.     Do-it-yourself treatments are not always the most cost-effective solution

While do-it-yourself options can seem cheaper in the short run, they are not always the most cost-effective solution. The efficacy discussed above can leave your home open to increased structural damage while you search for an effective home remedy. Remember the old saying, “don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish.” Getting an effective termite treatment right the first time will save you many $$ in the long run.


While many chores around your home can be great do-it-yourself projects and can save you thousands of dollars, leave termite treatments to the experts. Finding a reputable and trusted company like Bug You Not pest Control in both Texas and Louisiana is the best way to ensure a termite-free home and save you thousands in repair later. Call Bug You Not Pest Control today to ensure your home is termite-free with our free termite inspection.


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