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Why Pest Control Should Not Be a One-time Service

So, you’ve had a problem with pests. Perhaps your pet has brought home pets of her own – fleas. Maybe you’ve had the invasion of the ants. Or, you’ve found a roach or two scurrying under your cupboards. While your first reaction may be ‘Raid™,’ there is a better way.

·       Why is professional pest control a better option?

Most basic pest commercially sold pest control products for the average consumer have two underlying problems.

  1. They are high in pesticides, and thus less safe than their professional counterparts, especially when applied by a non-professional. Many organic solutions are available, but even the most organic treatment can become deadly in the hands of a non-professional.
  2. pest control products sold for home use are less effective as they are designed for surface treatment, only. Professionals are more knowledgeable about places to spray for maximum effect.

·       Why should I have routine pest control rather than one-time service?

Unfortunately, just because you get rid of pests doesn’t mean they will stay gone. pests have a funny way of sneaking in to even the smallest of openings or riding in on your pets. To have a pest-free home requires more than just keeping your home clean. Clean does not always mean pest-free. For best results, a routine pest control program effectively provides a barrier between your home, and pests is a necessity.

·       What are the benefits of routine pest control?

1.     Attack pests at their source.

pest infestations and their hidden source, what matters, are usually hidden beneath the surface. Over the counter products treat only the surface, not what lies hidden in the deep crevices below. And, no over the counter product addresses the source.

2.     Prevent real health threats.

pests can convey many health risks. Fleas still can carry the plague. Rats transmit a variety of diseases and can even infect food and drink. Even if you have the cleanest home and scrub everything daily, pests can infiltrate and cause a variety of health problems.

3.     Keep pests from damaging your home.

Many pests eat away at your home. termites and carpenter ants feast on wood and can cause severe structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. rodents like to burrow in insulation leaving behind droppings that require removal, sanitization, and re-insulation.



Many people mistakenly believe a clean home will prevent all pest control problems. The reality is pests will attack even the most sanitized of home. The best remedy is prevention. Save yourself time and headaches. Call Bug You Not pest Control to keep you home happy, healthy, and pest-free.

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