Removing Small Wildlife is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

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One of the problems with having a nice, warm, comfortable home is that small wildlife finds it comfortable as well. Besides rats, it’s not uncommon to find other small wildlife in your home. While seeing one of these critters in the wild is cute and possibly fun, finding one in your house is a major reason to call an exterminator. Never handle a sick or dead animal yourself. Let the experts at Bug You Not pest Control keep you and your family safe from these critters.

A Partial List of Unwelcome Small Wildlife Houseguests in Texas

·       Rodents

The term rodent comes from the Latin word rodentia, which means gnaw. And gnaw, they do. They also tend to be small enough to enter your home. Often, you’ll find these creatures enter by very devious means. Even the smallest of holes can allow these critters to roam your home and make a steady diet of wood, food, insulation, furniture, and plants. The result? Destruction. Plus, these creatures can carry multiple diseases whose symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening. Some of the rodents found in Texas and Louisiana include:

1.     Rats, including black rats, brown rats, Norway rats, roof rats, and more.

2.     Mice, including deer mice, the wood mouse, and the house mouse, among others.

3.     Gophers, especially the Texas pocket gopher.

4.     Voles

·       Squirrels

Multiple types of squirrels make Texas their home, but by far, the most common is the fox squirrel. Often seen as cute in the wild, they aren’t so cute in the home. Squirrels can carry multiple diseases, including rabies and even the plague. Additionally, if you have ever had one in your home, you know they can be quite destructive, as well.

·       Raccoons

While some people try to keep raccoons as pets, finding this unwanted guest in your home can be cause for concern. As with most wild animals, raccoons can carry diseases, including rabies and raccoon roundworm. And, as raccoon pet owners can tell you, these creatures do not make good houseguests. They are both sloppy and destructive.

·       Skunks

Likely you can guess the biggest reason you would want this animal gone. In addition to diseases, frighten one of these, and you’ll have an unpleasant odor in your home that can last for months.

·       Opossum

Opossums are often mistaken for very large rats. And, in Texas, one might be tempted to call them a Texas-sized rat. Many people call them possums; however, the name opossum is correct. These critters are, in general, beneficial to humans, eating many undesirable pests such as snails and slugs. Opossums are not rodents; they belong to the marsupial family. While generally shy and harmless, they can become dangerous when frightened.


While these are a few of the unwelcome houseguests that Bug You Not Pest Contol removes, there are many more. Call Bug You Not pest Control today at 972-835-4296 for any critter that gets where it shouldn’t, including:

1.    Rodents

2.    Squirrels

3.    Raccoons

4.    Skunks

5.    Opossums

6.    Groundhogs

7.    Moles

8.    Armadillos

9.    Beavers

10.  Birds

11.  Bats

12.  Snakes

13.  More


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