5 Reasons You May Be Mosquito Bait While Those Around You Remain bite free

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Why Mosquitos Prefer Certain People


Summer is here, and you are all bitten up. The mosquitos are in full force, and they seem to prefer you over your companion. Maybe you’ve noticed this problem all your life. You may have asked your grandma when you were a kid why mosquitos liked to bite you more than other people. She likely told you because you were sweeter. As it turns out, she was right.

Besides insect repellent, is there anyway to make myself less attractive to mosquitos?

Knowing mosquito habits helps you take action to avoid bites. mosquitos identify their target through both site and smell. You can alter some reasons mosquitos like you more than your companion, but not all of them.

1.     Mosquitos like dark colors.

mosquitos first identify their targets through vision. Especially later in the day. darker skinned people especially can benefit from wearing lighter colors and making sure their skin is fully covered. Think long sleeves and pants. The more tightly woven the clothing is, the fewer mosquitos will make their way through. Navy, black and red makes it easier for mosquitos to spot you.

2.     Mosquitos like exercisers.

mosquitos are attracted to both heat and CO2. While everyone exhales CO2, some people emit higher concentrations of CO2. During vigorous exercise, exhalation of CO2 increases. So, you might want to run on a treadmill in the gym rather than going for a jog outside. And that elevation in your temperature and sweat are both mosquito attractors for those of you that hate exercise, what an excuse.

3.     Mosquitos like beer drinkers.

While the exact reason remains unclear, those pesky mosquitos seem to like beer drinkers. Maybe they want to get drunk? No one really knows. Wine, anyone?

4.     Mosquitos like fragrances.

mosquitos like many fragrances such as perfumes and perfumed shampoos and conditioners. While I wouldn’t recommend skipping that shower, going scentless if your going to be out during high mosquito times isn’t a bad idea.

5.     Mosquitos like sweet smells.

Aw, the sweet smell of lactic acid. This scent drives mosquitos wild. And certain things increase lactic acid on your skin. Sweat, for instance, is high in lactic acid. Remember the exercisers above? Some people just naturally have more lactic acid than others. The most significant way to combat lactic acid buildup is to drink plenty of water. (A must for exercisers, anyway). Or, as we discussed before, exercise indoors during times when the mosquitos are swarming. As long as we are speaking of sweet smells, many diabetics wonder if mosquitos are attracted more to them. There is mixed data on this point; however, if there is a correlation, it would be more likely to be during episodes of hyperglycemia. If you are diabetic, and mosquitos seem to be attacking you more than usual, it couldn’t hurt to check your blood sugar.

Some things mosquitos are attracted to, you just can’t control

Some people just get all the bad luck when it comes to mosquitos. For instance, those with type O blood seem to attract mosquitos more. So do pregnant women. (Technically speaking, you can control whether or not you are pregnant, but I don’t many would feel this is a reason to avoid having children.) While we all have bacteria covering our skin, some people have bacteria that are more attractive to mosquitos. And, some lucky people just seem to produce a chemical in their body that deters mosquitos.

Avoid being mosquito bait

Aside from the above recommendations, remember the best ways to avoid mosquitos when outdoors include using an insect repellent containing DEET, preferably with a concentration of greater than 15%. Even better, to enjoy the outdoors at home, contact Bug You Not Pest Control for your Mosquito Misting, today! Check our current specials on our specials page.












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