Natural pest control—is it as effective as traditional methods?

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Are all-natural pest control methods as effective as traditional methods?

One of the biggest concerns by people who have a need for pest control in their home due to termites, rats, or other unwanted pest is, will it be as effective as traditional methods? As many products over the years for cleaning and such have not been as effective as their conventional counterparts, this is a reasonable concern.

1.     What is meant by organic or all-natural pest control?

The term organic is often misunderstood. In pest control, organic methods refer to anything found in nature with no chemical alterations necessary to control pests. While there are many such substances, different substances work better on different pests.

2.     Are organic pest controls as effective as traditional chemical methods?

In many cases, organic pest control can be just as effective, or even more so than traditional poisons. other methods that employ the use of substances found in nature can be more effective than their traditional counterparts.

Indeed, no one will disagree trapping a rat and removing it from the environment while sealing off future entry against other intruders is an effective means of rodent control. However, many other bugs and creepy crawlers can be equally controlled with alternative methods that are less toxic to the environment.

a.      How can organic pest control be more effective than poison?

The answer to this question is two-fold. First, pests are much less likely to develop resistance to natural substances. Second, pests are much more likely to take the bait. Your unwelcome intruders just seem to know what not to eat, thus making the pest control less effective. Often, natural pesticides outlast their traditional counterparts, thus also making them useful for more extended periods of time.

3.     Are organic pest controls more expensive?

While usually true in cases of food or cleaning agents, this is not always true when dealing with pesticides. Some are more expensive, but many are not. In part, this goes back to the above-mentioned points. Methods that last longer or take less product can make this a more cost-effective solution.

4.     How do I know which product will work best on my pests?

Since different substances show improved effectiveness on one type of pest over another, a pest control professional is your best bet. A licensed and trained expert knows product selection is essential to eradicating your pests. Knowing which will be the most effective and its proper use is crucial. Safety dictates using the smallest amounts possible to achieve the safest results while ensuring effectiveness.


All pest control solutions are not created equal. Green pest control is a great option and can be just as effective as more traditional solutions utilizing the correct product selection with the proper application of the product. More is not always better. And using products haphazardly can be both wasteful and can decrease both effectiveness and safety. For the most effective and safest options, consulting a licensed, professional pest control company such as Bug You Not pest Control is your best option. We have the experience and training you want to eradicate your unwanted guests. Remember, if they bug you, call and bug us. We price match.


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