What’s the difference between the Formason Termite and the Subterranean Termite?

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What’s the difference between the Formason Termite and the Subterranean Termite?


The Formason termite, known as the introduced subterranean termite, is more common in Lousiana. Knowing the difference between the Formason termite and the Subterranean is essential in controlling these pests, as the Formason termite is more aggressive.

What is the Formason Termite?

The Formason termite is a type of Subterranean termite. Initially found in East Asia, it was first spotted in the United States in 1965. The prevailing theory is that soldiers brought them back when returning from tours of duty in that region.

How can I tell the difference between Formason termites, Subterranean Termites, and Flying ants?

As identification is difficult, hiring a pest management specialist is crucial. In general, Formason termites have longer bodies and shorter heads than their Subterranean counterparts. Formason termites are orangish in color, while subterranean are more brownish/grayish in color. They can also be mistaken for flying ants. When examining the Formasons body, the waist is broader than that of the flying ant, and their antennae are straighter. To ensure all evidence of termites can be identified, it is wise to prepare for your inspection. Know what steps you should take before your inspector arrives here.     termites

            Why is the Formason Termite Considered Worse Than Other Species?

Sometimes known as the “super” termite, this species is the most aggressive of all termites. This is, in part, due to their rapid reproduction. The queen can lay up to 1,000 eggs in a day. Like other species, their diet is wood and other cellulose. However, these termites have even been known to cause power outages by eating through electrical cabling. You can learn more about termite damage here.

            Where is the Formason Termite found?

This pest prefers warmer weather and is found in southern states, though there have been rare sightings as far north as Canada. The Formason is mostly found in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, southern California, and Hawaii, mostly in coastal regions.

            Can I use home treatments to get rid of Formason Termites?

As this species is the most destructive and can quickly cause significant damage, treating this type of termite yourself is not recommended. pest control companies such as Bug You Not pest Control rely on their experience in identifying the subtypes of insects to know which treatment will be the most effective. Additionally, home treatments are often toxic and ineffective. Bug You Not pest Control uses all organic products to help keep your home and family safe.


If you have termites, don’t rely on self-identification and home treatments. The destructive nature of termites requires fast action to avoid structural damage. To best protect your home, call the experts at Bug You Not Pest Control for your free termite inspection, today! Learn more about our extermination techniques here.

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