4 Advantages to Hiring the Best Professional Mosquito Treatment For Your Yard

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May 9, 2019
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May 23, 2019

The weather is getting warmer. Summer is around the corner. You may already be planning your first summer barbecue. You imagine your perfect beginning of summer party. It’s idyllic. You are manning the grill. The smell of expertly prepared meet if wafting through the air. Your guests are mingling. Everyone is having a good time. As you prepare your yard, you hear that familiar sound…………whine, zap, slap. Arrrgh. You just remembered mosquito season has started.

There are over 300 mosquitoes in the United States. One of the most common types, the Aedes often carries the Zika virus. At least a couple of your guests are pregnant, and a couple more are planning to become pregnant — what a disaster. Your outdoor party is going to be ruined. What to do?

1.    What is the most effective mosquito treatment for your yard?

Hands down, mosquito spraying by a qualified and experienced pest control company is the most effective mosquito treatment to keep your outdoor gatherings humming along without the mosquito whine.

·       Why is professional treatment the best choice for mosquito repellant for my yard?

Citronella and other mosquito repelling candles do help. They aren’t as effective as commercial treatments. Multiple home sprays that are commercially formulated are available. However, they are minimally effective due to spraying techniques that can be minimally effective. For best results, you will want to contact a company that has experience in treating your outdoor space without waste and for maximum effect.

2.    Why is using a professional pest control company safer than spraying myself?

No insect repellant is 100% safe. Your expert, a professional pest control company, knows what chemicals are being used and is trained in safety. Knowing the risks helps your professional decide on which treatments will provide you the best protection and be the safest for your particular situation.

3.    Is professional mosquito misting safe?

Again, an expert is the best person for the job. You want to be assured that animals and children are not present during spraying. Notify your professional pest control company of any concerns that are specific to your needs. Your personal needs should be taken into consideration regarding allergies, kid, and pets. While kids and pets should not be present during misting, many chemicals are safe once they have dried.

4.    Does using one professional over another make a difference in mosquito misting treatment for my yard?

Making sure you use a qualified, licensed, and experienced pest control company is essential for this process. Using unlicensed and inexperienced personnel can lead to issues of both cost and safety.

a.      Cost effectiveness is reduced

An excess amount of product is wasted. Spraying is haphazard and does not necessarily produce desired results. Plus, it is worse for the environment around you.

b.     Safety and efficacy are decreased

Both safety and effectiveness are a direct result of spraying the product where needed without overspray and wasted product. Proper application requires experience.


Protect your outdoor space with a professional mosquito misting. Not only will this keep you safe from such illnesses as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Dengue Fever, but you will enjoy increase safety and provide a more pleasant experience. Bug You Not pest has the years of experience and training that will give you peace of mind when enjoying your summer outdoors.


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