Seven Major Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Technician

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March 7, 2019
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March 11, 2019

  1. Will you be my regular technician?

Sometimes the person who signs you up for service is not necessarily the person you will see poking around your house. A good pest control company should have no problem telling you who your dedicated tech is. If they wiggle at the term “dedicated” run for the hills- the last thing you want is a new technician every service who has no idea what your specific needs are.

  1. What Can I Do To Prevent Invaders?

If your structure is prone to certain insects or other pests, a tech should have some helpful tips on lowering the risk. For example, if you are seeing ants in your home but cannot find the source, they may have come in on a potted plant from outdoors. Checking plants or freshly cut flowers before bringing the, indoors will greatly lower your risk for pesky invaders.

  1. What Are My Options?

Depending on your situation, there may be multiple solutions available. Feel free to ask for alternate solutions if available, in addition to their recommended treatment and why. Licensed technicians should be able to accurately identify the best solution and make a recommendation accordingly.

  1. Are Technicians In Your Company Licensed?

This one is very important! Never hesitate to ask for a technician’s license number for your records. They are legally obligated to have them, and a tech without a license is not one you want in your home or place of business.

  1. Have You Done pest Work In This Industry Before?

It never hurts to shop with caution, especially if you are starting a commercial business service in a specific industry. pest techs serving a food processing facility or multi-unit housing will often have years of experience under their belt, or a training supervisor who has. References should be offered upon request without issue.

  1. Do You Perform This Type of Service Regularly?

pest control experts are just that, and should be familiar with most service types. A quality company will be happy to verify that they have performed the service you need before, providing documentation if necessary. Some services, such as bed bug heat treatments or termite inspections may even require special licensing that not all pest technicians have.

  1. How Will I know I Have Received Service?

Whether your technician has come by should never be a question mark. Most pest control companies have multiple ways of notifying homeowners, tenants, or business owners that they have stopped by for regular or urgent service requests.

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