Treatment and Control of Fabric Pests

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February 22, 2019
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February 26, 2019

pest control can be quite costly, but it is important for every home. There are some measures you can take to minimize your need to call on professional exterminators. Among the really annoying creatures that can invade your home are fabric pests. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider to help control them.

In every corner of your house, first of all, you need to maintain cleanliness. Always keep your cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and other storage areas neat. For instance, before storing your winter clothes when spring’s coming in, wash or dry clean everything. All your woolen outfits, which are attractive to these pests, must be tidied up prior to storage. If you have clothes stocked in boxes, make sure you check them for pests. Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure no hair, lint or other similar things is sticking to your clothes.

Carpet beetles infest not just carpets, but also all other things that are woolen or furry – stuffed toys, upholstery, sweaters and other things. Homemade pest control for this includes vacuum cleaning and applying insecticide spray. Less common than carpet beetles but inhabiting the same areas are clothes moths. Aside from insecticide spray, one method of exterminating these moths is to place all the infested clothes in a dark garbage bag and leave it under the sun. Extreme heat is expected to kill the pests.

Fleas are also a popular problem in homes. These are the pests that love pets. These usually exist in homes that have pets or that may have been previously lived in by pet owners. Check the areas where the dogs, cats or other creatures stayed most of the time, such as their feeding and resting areas. Make sure that your floors are always clean. Your pets’ belongings, particularly their blankets and kennels, must be maintained with thorough cleaning and occasional spraying of insecticide. You have to be careful, though, that the fumes are gone before you or your pet goes in the treated area.

Your pets, more importantly the hairy ones, must be shampooed regularly. If they already have some sort of infestation, ask your vet for special treatment shampoos or maybe a topical medication that you need to apply to eliminate and control the pests.

These are just some everyday ideas that you can do to help maintain your home clean and free from pests, but it’s still always wise to seek the advice of a pest control expert. Especially if your home already has any sign of infestation, these companies would know the extent of damage the pests have done and how to totally eliminate them.

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