Pest Control Services – Which Is Better? Every Other Month Versus Monthly Service

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September 21, 2018
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September 25, 2018

Pest Control Services – Which Is Better? Every Other Month Versus Monthly Service

The standard for residential pest control services, up until recently, always included monthly applications. In recent years, many pest control companies, and homeowners, are rethinking that standard. Additional knowledge in application methods, combined with a variety of new, more eco-friendly chemicals, is moving the standard towards every other month applications.

Depending on region of the country, and associated pest issues, every other month applications may be as effective and cheaper for the homeowner or renter. The new mechanical processes, evolving application methods and growing effectiveness of the eco-friendly chemicals are improving results for most of the standard pests. Those pests include several varieties of roaches, bedbugs, ants, spiders, crickets and rodents.

The pros and cons of every other month versus monthly applications vary across the regions of the U.S., but generally described as follows.


Fewer Chemical Applications – Chemical is applied to the property half as many times as the monthly applications over a year’s time. Fewer chemical applications generally result in less risk for humans and pets.

Cheaper – Most pest control companies offer discounts for every other month service due to savings in fuel, labor and equipment costs.

More Effective – Most pests have capacity to evolve immunities to chemicals and avoidance reactions to some mechanical processes. With every other month services, pests are not likely to develop tolerances, or develop avoidance reactions, as quickly as monthly services. Services will be more effective over a longer period of time.

More Eco-friendly: Much like fewer chemical applications being less risky to humans and pets, fewer applications may have the same positive effect on soils, shrubbery and other landscaping.


Fear of Unknown – Any change may cause stress in the customer until it is better understood and proven. Many property owners are comfortable with monthly service to the extent of concern over every other month adequately managing pests.

Increased Service Calls – Until better proven, homeowners and renters may be concerned that fewer applications may increase the need of unscheduled, more costly service calls between applications.

Regardless of the Cons described above, the trend seems to moving towards the Every Other Month services in residential pest control. As more customers experience positive results, the stress of change will likely diminish. Every other month service will become more acceptable, more recommended by landowners and pest control companies. As pest control companies gain more understanding of savings and opportunity for additional business volume made available by every other month service, discounts will increase. With increased confidence and larger discounts, you can expect Every Other Month service to become the standard over the next three to five years for residential pest control.


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