Does Your Pest Control Expert Use Environmentally Safe Pest Control Techniques?

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October 11, 2017
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October 13, 2017



Does Your pest Control Expert Use Environmentally Safe pest Control Techniques?


Eliminating pests from your environment can be a frustrating problem. While you might consider attempting it by yourself, it’s often best handled with the help of a pest control expert. Rather than spraying toxic chemicals everywhere, professionals know the proper ones to use and the appropriate strength necessary. It can eliminate the problem on the first attempt, or in some particularly difficult situations, the second, without adding even more chemicals that repeated applications would require.

Of course, the most environmentally safe method is prevention and early detection of a pest problem. Securing the services of a pest control expert to inspect your area on a regular basis and make recommendations that prevent infestations can be helpful. Preventing pests might include blocking holes in foundations and walls, which allow rodents or other pests to enter. These may be openings small enough to go unnoticed by most people, but easily visible with a trained eye.

Inspecting the vegetation close to the home for possible pests is also important. The appearance of each type of pest that can possibly invade the home or the surrounding area varies, so constant vigilance and regular inspections are important. Keeping the plant life near the home free from debris and removing dead or dying plants or trees can also be of utmost importance when it comes to preventing an infestation.

Regular inspections of the area can also help you to find any infestations early, before you have a huge problem requiring “big guns.” It helps you eliminate any problem easier and keeps the environment safer at the same time. Prevention or early detection by regular inspection is the safest method for not only your family, but also the environment as well. pest management services, which use an Integrated pest Management technique to eradicate and prevent pests, provide an environmentally safe method for pest control.

Integrated pest Management or IPM uses particular steps to protect the environment. The first is to create an action plan, a threshold where the pests require treatment. Sometimes a pest finds its way into your home, but it’s an isolated incident. You might find a single flying carpenter ant in your home in the summer and not need treatment, because it’s just that, a single flying carpenter ant and not an infestation. A professional can look for signs of others and recommend close monitoring but take no other action.

Using the flying ant as an example, some people would panic, thinking this was a termite. Of course, a trained professional knows the difference and can put your worries at ease. That type of knowledge is also important if pesticides are required. A pest control expert’s training includes identifying not only the insect, but also the treatment that’s the safest for your family and yet most effective at eliminating the problem.


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